Excellence 720


You’ll find the eXcellence 720 brings a whole new inspiration to the vistas of your imagination. With a panorama of 126 stitches, from the simplest to the most grandiose, your creative nature will flourish. Before your very eyes, you’ll bring to life the embroidery and quilt designs you’ve always dreamed of. In just a few minutes, you’ll see an arabesque take shape, a festoon develop or a design motif begin to blossom.
Whether it’s a simple detail or a sophisticated creation, the eXcellence 720 is naturally gifted to explore with you all kinds of new and unknown possibilities… you’ll see your wildest creativity flourish.



Integrated adjustable feeding (I.A.F.) – NEW
Differential adjustment by dial – NEW
Long arm offers large sewing surface - 22.5cm
Built-in needle threader
Stitch chart with clip board
Retractable thread guide for 2 industrial thread cones
Adjustable sewing speed up to 1000 stitches/minute
Adjustable foot pressure
Additional presser foot clearance
Rotary horizontal hook with transparent bobbin cover
Independent bobbin winding with automatic declutch
Manual adjustment of tension, indicated on LCD
Strong needle penetration on all fabrics
Fine adjustment
Knee lifter
Guidelines on the needle plate, with indications in mm and Inch
Perfect start angle lines
Drop feed dog
Drop feed dog sensor
Foot control with retractable cord


126 stitches including 7 buttonholes, plus 2 alphabets
Stitches of special interest for quilters, including quilt stitches, pre-programmed
Stippling stitches, 7 versions of appliqué and the « French knot » stitch
10 direct selection stitches with easy-to-read stitch illustrations
PS key (Personal Settings) to record your personalized adjustments
Creation of sequences combining up to 50 stitches
4 permanent memories to save, recall, overwrite and clear sequences
Edit key
Start/Stop key
Automatic and programmable thread cutter
Programmable up/down needle key
Auto-lock key and memory auto-lock key
Reverse key
Face-to-face and mirror key
Elongation of satin stitches up to 5 times original length
Twin needle
Adjustable width (7mm) and length (5mm) of stitch
Adjustable needle position
LCD screen with adjustable backlight
10 languages to choose from
Advisory messages
Fast resumption mode without loss of data
Adjustable sound volume


Storage box for accessories
Specialty feet for the quilter – such as the new walking foot, patchwork foot, 1/4 Inch foot, open toe embroidery and darning foot, open toe satin stitch foot, quilt guide, straight stitch needle plate.
Large quilt table